Braces, Crowns, Bridges, and Porcelain Veneers are just a few services that we provide to our patients when working with Smile Design. If needed, we also provide Botox and Dermal Fillers for enhancements.
     With Smile Design, our patients get an accurate depiction of what their dream smile will look like, and we are able to insure that each individual patient walks away happy, and more confident.

Dental Group New York offers the latest versions of Botox.
​For our patients who wish to eliminate frown lines or other small wrinkles around the mouth area, Botox is an excellent option. Aside from esthetic reasons, we also use Botox as a treatment for chronic TMJ problems, as well as chronic 


In conjunction with our top of the line dentistry, we also provide lip augmentation for our patients who feel it is the final step towards them achieving their dream smile. Lip augmentation can add fullness to the lips, lift fine lines, and give lips an overall balanced appearance. 

Porcelain Veneers

smile lines more apparent. 

     Dermal fillers can be used to plump lips, soften facial creases and wrinkles, as well as improve the appearance of recessed scars.
     This procedure is minimally invasive, and lasts anywhere from 4 months to a year depending on how quickly the body processes the injection. As with any cosmetic procedure, bruising and swelling during the first week is to be expected. For some, dermal fillers are more effective than Botox depending on the severity of the wrinkles. We are happy to consult with our patients when it comes down to choosing which type of cosmetic procedure is best for them. 

We utilize porcelain veneers to handle many dental issues. Veneers are indicated to hide significant discoloration, chipped, misaligned, and overcrowded teeth. Our porcelain veneers are resistant to staining caused by food, drinks, and general wear and tear. The benefit of a veneer is that it can be used to fix one


Our Expertise


Clear Correct aligners are a low profile and effective alternative to standard metal braces. There are many benefits to using Clear Correct. They are virtually undetectable, they can be removed any time the wearer wishes, and they are much more comfortable than metal brackets and rubber bands.

Lip Augmentation

Cavities are the most common dental ailment, and when detected early, they are easily fixed with a white filling. A filling is designed to seal a small hole in the tooth that is caused by decay. The filling prevents the decay from spreading further, the goal being to avoid the decay reaching the nerve, in which

At Dental Group New York, we offer dermal fillers to help to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness around the mouth. During the aging process, the face naturally loses the subcutaneous fat that gives it a youthful appearance. The facial muscles are then working closer to the skin’s surface, making 




Tooth staining is common and almost unavoidable. Enamel is porous and is susceptible to staining due to dark liquids, food, and tobacco sinking into its layers. As teeth age, they naturally darken because of daily wear and tear. Genetics and medication also play a role in tooth staining. That does not mean that

to a smile. Bonding can also be done on healthy teeth to close the gap between teeth if the patient wishes to avoid braces.

case, the patient would need a root canal treatment. The first step is a clinical examination including x-rays to determine the extent of the decay. If we determine that a filling is necessary, we will proceed as follows: The tooth is anesthetized, and the decayed area of the tooth is removed, usually with a dental drill. After removing the decay, the remaining tooth structure is roughened or “etched” with a mild acidic solution. Finally, translucent dental cement is applied to bond the tooth and the filling material together.
     A cavity filling is a simple, out-patient procedure, and it is the most effective way to avoid root canals, tooth extractions, and other more invasive treatments.



Smile Design

     Following lip augmentation, swelling and mild discomfort is very normal. The lips and surrounding area may be bruised for up to a week. After 2-3 days the full results will be visible. This is a temporary procedure, the results lasting anywhere between 3-6 months. We are happy to consult with any of our patients who think that lip augmentation is right for them.


Dermal Fillers

Creating the perfect smile is now possible with Smile Design. We use only the most sophisticated imagery technology to preview what our patient’s smile could look like. Depending on the needs of each individual patient, we use a combination of our state of the art dentistry practices to build a beautiful smile.

nothing can be done about it. At Dental Group New York we use the highest concentration of whitening formula to reduce chair time and increase overall results. Our whitening formula gives patients whiter, brighter teeth, is safe for all ages, and provides long lasting results.
     We are able to provide our patients with a whitening treatment that is significantly more effective than at home treatments, giving each patient a beautiful and bright smile quickly! 

single problematic tooth, rather than reconstructing the full mouth. That being said, we utilize porcelain veneers in our full mouth reconstructions because they are extremely durable, and can be easily manipulated to give the patient their ideal smile.
     A full or partial set of veneers is also an excellent option to hide misaligned teeth if the patient wishes to bi-pass wearing braces or other temporary orthodontia. Veneers can easily create the illusion of perfectly aligned teeth without the need for a painful and lengthy re-alignment process.
     Good dental health is a necessity to ensure successful results. The patient should have healthy natural teeth and gums. It is imperative that we treat our patient’s underlying conditions such as gingivitis, gum disease, or serious tooth decay prior to applying veneers. We feel it is much more important for the patient to have complete oral health before correcting the aesthetic of the smile.
     Regular checkups and cleanings are the best ways to maintain tooth and gum health prior to having porcelain veneers applied. 

White Filling

headaches caused by muscle tension. 

     Botox is a minimally invasive procedure, and can be done in minutes. We apply a topical anesthetic, which greatly reduces any pain that the injection would ordinarily cause. Mild bruising is the most common side effect, and should be expected during the first week. The effects of Botox are not permanent, lasting between four and six months. For many patients Botox is the best option for achieving a more youthful smile, as well as relieving chronic pain. 

      When a patient is a candidate for Clear Correct, we start by taking photos and x-rays of the teeth. Afterwards, and impression is made and the aligners are created to that patient’s exact dental mold. Clear Correct creates a series of aligners custom fitted with the intent of applying pressure to the teeth that need re-alignment.
      We schedule regular visits with the patient to check up on progress, and give them new aligners as their teeth begin to shift. Clear Correct is an extremely effective way of creating a beautiful smile, without ever masking teeth behind metal and wires. 

Clear Correct

Bonding a tooth is a simple cosmetic procedure that is used to correct the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth. The composite resin that we use is shaped and polished to match exactly with the surrounding teeth. It is an in and out procedure that can be done in one visit and can make a world of difference

Teeth Whitening